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Product Detail

Name:      Clorsulon

CAS No.:  60200-06-8

EINECS:  262-100-2

Molecular Formula: C8H8Cl3N3O4S2

Molecular Weight: 380.65

White or almost white crystalline powder

Loss on dring: 0.5%

M.P: 197° C - 203° C

Residue on ignition: 0.1%

Assay: 99.5%

This product is benzene, sulfur amides for the treatment and control of cattle liver fluke ( schistosomiasis) is caused by adult hepatitis and hepatomegaly. Clorsulon can inhibit the glucose-degrading enzyme, blocking the main source of energy for liver fluke. Further studies have shown that competitive inhibition of Clorsulon to 8 - glycerol kinase and phosphatase glycerol phosphate mutase, blocking the oxidation of glucose and acetate propionate. In addition, Clorsulon can inhibit the ATP level of liver fluke. Currently only used for beef and cattle.