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Arbidol Hydrochloride(Vet use)
Arbidol Hydrochloride(Vet use)

Arbidol hydrochloride  

Molecular Formula      C22H25BrN2O3S.HCl  

Molecular Weight      513.88  

CAS Registry Number      131707-23-8  

White or almost white crystalline powder. >98%

This product is highly soluble in water, improve the bioavailability of arbidol, enhance the veterinary efficacy, effective prevention and resistance to mild influenza and other viral diseases, at the same time have a good preventive effect on other viral diseases.


1, while culling A, influenza B virus;

2, to prevent virus replication;

3, induce interferon, significantly improve their immunity;

4, significantly reduce flu symptoms and shorten the duration of influenza;

5, prevention, prevent the occurrence of influenza syndrome and post-development;

6, the influenza epidemic of use can be effective in preventing the flu;

7, H5N1 and H1N1 and other avian influenza viruses have effects;

8, in vitro against adenovirus type 7 (ADV-7);

9, can be directly administered, safe, good compliance;


For the treatment of prevention of  avian influenza A and B, can also be used for livestock caused by  virus.