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kinfon pharmachem co.,ltd (shengkang fine chemical) is a leading company in the China chemicals market founded in 2007, is mainly focuses on innovation and development of the front-end businesses to differentiate its offerings.

We undertakes the discovery, development, manufacture, marketing and distribution of biopharmaceuticals and related healthcare products, special chemicals products, also Impurities Standards.

Our company focuses on the areas including cancer, psychiatric disorders, cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, hepatitis B, HIV and rheumatoid arthritis. product line includes chemically-synthesized drugs and biological products.

We provide one-stop, structured access to multiple research institutions,for good transform the culture of scientific innovation and commercialization impacting human health.   

Our ability to work from laboratory to commercial scale plants with our customers'   specific needs.   We work in quantities from 1g to 100kg and multi-tonne batches.

Ours' values: Innovation, Caring and Responsible.

The professional quality contributes to the great future.

As a developer and manufacturer can help you, please tour our site or contact us directly.

kinfon pharmachem